One day while driving thru Kailua I saw a family of boar wandering on the golf course. I was fascinated and started reading some of the history and legends of boar in the islands. The Legend of Kamapua'a is one of the great legends.

This is the begining of the Legend of Kamapua'a, the pig god.

In the fertile mountains of Oahu Kamapua'a was born, his father who refused to acknowledge the baby-boy as his son named him "hog child", Once Pele’s lover, he was handsome, smart and strong. He grew tall, gifted with a powerful and fiery temperment, and blessed with sparkling black eyes. He was god-like, and, born to Hina, he had god-like skills, able to change appearances and then to duplicate his own appearance around him. Kamapua’a found shelter in the hills, and, still carried by his own charisma enlisted a few dozen young men to play hard on his side. Together they plundered and pillaged Olopana’s lands. One day, drunk with new power, Kamapua’a had his upper body and head tattooed in black and menacing designs. He shaved his head, and grew a short black bristle on scalp and chin. He cut himself a short cloak out of the skin of a wild hog, and wore it, hairy side out. Did he look like a hog? Some would say so, but there are no mirrors in the mountains and the ever moving rivers deceive.

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